sketch by Becca Klein

My name is Mike Madaio, and I’m a freelance writer and blogger based in the Philadelphia area. This site serves as a hub for my various work across multiple publications.

Here’s a quick summary of my background:

  • In 2003 I created the popular restaurant and dining blog Main Line Dine, (long before “blog” was a household word), which focused on Philadelphia’s Western suburbs.
  • More recently I’ve worked on several other blog projects, including Pennsylvania Vine Company, Undiscovered Italy and Small Food. For more details, visit the Projects page.
  • I’ve contributed to a variety of magazines including Wine Enthusiast, Palate Press, Home + Table and Edible Philly.
  • In 2017, I became a certified Italian Wine Ambassador with the VinItaly International Academy.
  • In my other life, I have extensive experience in the world of eCommerce working for a multi-billion dollar electronic retailer and also occasionally publishing pieces in that space.

For a while, I was searching for a “brand” for my writing, something would capture my philosophy and be lasting enough to ebb and flow with my ever changing whims. When I heard a wine importer mention the phrase “life at table” I knew I’d found it. My writing has moved from restaurants to farmers markets to beer to wine and many places in between, but it all relates to the joys of living life with family, friends, fine food and drink at the table.