Bloggers and Content Creators to Know

Italian producers should be aware of Italian Food, Wine & Travel, a Facebook group composed of bloggers and content creators. Each month, there’s a theme that members post about, as well as a Twitter chat on the same topic.

The following bloggers are not all focused exclusively on Italy, but all have shown interest in covering Italian wine:

Gwendolyn Alley – Wine Predator

Katarina Andersson – Grapevine Adventures (and WinesofItaly LiveStream)

Jill Barth – L’Occasion

Jeff Burrows – FoodWineClick

John Fodera – Tuscan Vines

Debbie Gioquindo, Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Susannah Gold – Avvinare (also does wine PR)

Susan Gordon at Forbes

Camilla Mann – Culinary Adventures with Cam

Jennifer Martin – Vino Travels

Dezel Quillen – My Vine Spot

Li Valentine – The Wining Hour

Lauren Walsh – The Swirling Dervish

Michelle Williams – Rockin Red Blog