I’m not really a cake person. I’d much rather eat a cookie or a brownie, or some ice cream. I’ll admit, however, to getting caught up in the cupcake movement when it hit the area, falling for Cupcakes Gourmet when it first opened. But that love affair was short-lived. I quickly remembered cookies and brownies, and lost interest in the cupcake thing.

So, though I’ve seen Dia Doce on several occasions, I always walked by without much of a glance. Being a reluctant slave to food trend, however, I have to admit that, the other day, I walked past their cupcake truck at an event and couldn’t resist the temptation to try a Maple Bacon cupcake. After all, cupcakes and bacon are two of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the past 5 years or so, and I’ve never had the combination.

Despite the fact that I didn’t particularly care for the Maple Bacon flavor, Dia Doce are perhaps the best cupcakes I’ve ever had (I got a box of 4 for $10). Yep, better than Cupcakes Gourmet. The cakes are incredibly moist, the frosting-cake ratio is perfect, and the flavor combinations are very creative.

For the bacon cupcake, the maple frosting and cake were both nice, but the chewy bacon added an odd textural element. Though it was fun to try, I wouldn’t order it again. The chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake (pictured), on the other hand, was perfect for me – as it was kind of a combination of a cookie and a cake. We also tried a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting that was filled with a salted caramel cream, adding even more moistness to the wonderful cake. Lastly, the pumpkin pie cupcake – an obviously seasonal choice – was probably my favorite. Rich with fall spices, this cake was insanely moist and the frosting had just the right sweetness.

Has Dia Doce converted me to a cake person? Not quite. But if I do get the hankering for cupcakes (or the need to please those in my household who do love them), I know where I’ll be getting them from now on.

Originally posted 10/12/11