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I know this site is supposed to be about gourmet food, and supporting unique, independent businesses, but I don’t care. I freaking love Genuardi’s cornbread.

When Safeway bought our little upscale grocery chain in 2000, it inspired panic in those of us who had grown to love the independent grocer — and though the big chain promised us that things wouldn’t be changing, everything changed. The produce, the bakery, the deli — it all went downhill. In many places, ACME is now the superior store, which would have been a shocking comment 10 years ago.

Despite all this, a little piece of cornbread provides solace. Sometimes, after a tough day, I invent a reason to stop off at the market, just so I can grab a single piece ($0.35-0.50) of corny goodness. It’s sweet and crumbly, and insanely moist. It’s the moistness most of all that makes it so amazing, and really brings out the rustic corn flavors. I’ve eaten many versions of homemade cornbread, and tried it at barbecue joints all over, but have yet to find another cornbread that perfectly balances flavor and texture like this one.

Those that prefer the less-sweet, southern-style cornbread will surely dislike this particular version; Genuardi’s does actually offer both varieties (the nothern/sweet is a more uniform yellow, while the southern is darker on top and whiter underneath), but the latter is rather dry and flavorless.