While perusing the selection one Thursday afternoon at the former Great Valley Farmers Market, I was drawn towards a booth that was covered in pretty little cakes. Not only did the cakes look tasty, they had a tasty name as well: MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes. The taste did not disappoint.

Though simple — at heart, it is a basic butter cake — it is darn tasty. Firstly, it’s insanely moist. Then there’s chocolate chips (always a welcome addition) and these little wisps of butterscotch. And let’s not forget the whiskey. A “wee bit”, it says, but really it is quite prevalent. The aroma is all whiskey. The taste contains quite a bit as well. It’s not harsh or anything; in fact it is quite nice. And I don’t even drink whiskey! We had the “traditional” cake, which came with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. There were a number of different varieties, including one with peanut butter and one with extra whiskey. The cakes come in 3 sizes, the 4-inch mini (pictured), 8-inch and 10-inch.  They can be found at various Farmers Markets, Our Deli in Paoli, Nota Bene Boutique in Malvern, and can be ordered online.


Originally posted 9/14/11