eagles-rollout-cabernet-sauvignonTo celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Philadelphia Eagles and to “commemorate the team’s strong commitment to the city and its fans”, somebody figured it would be a good idea to create a limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon called Rollout. Because nothing says Eagles fans like a fine Cab.

(If only there was a good local brewery capable of brewing a special beer for the occasion… nah… wine is clearly the choice here.)

According to the Birds website, winemaker Cameron Hughes has created a wine that’s “lavishly constructed with exotic aromatics, a harmonious blend of grapes from areas of California.” Because Eagles fans are totally exotic and harmonious.

It’ll sell for about $26 in PLCB stores, and with a hefty markup at the Linc. But what does it taste like? Probably a lot like this:

The aroma features notes of stinky cheese (whiz), bathroom floor and scorched pavement. On the palate, gobs of passion fruit give way to sadness and disappointment. Bracing (battery) acid makes it a good match for crab fries, and a bitter finish lingers on the palate for months.

Drink now, as it’ll likely fall apart at any moment.