Put simply, Tired Hands Brew Cafe is one of the most exciting local openings in recent memory. It didn’t bring big city pedigree like White Dog Wayne, nor did it bring the hype of Xilantro. So why is it exciting? Because it’s a downright cool place that, unlike those other two, is also the type of place you want to visit every weekend. It’s comfortable, but modern and extremely well-designed (chalkboards! exposed beams! exposed brick!). You can go with your buddies. You can go on a date. You can bring the kids. And every time you go, there’ll likely be different beers on tap and different food on the menu.

Tired Hands is a brewery first, and this is the area where they truly excel. Sure, we’re living in a hotbed of craft beer, and choices abound, but rest assured that absolutely nobody is doing what Tired Hands is doing. To wit:

  • Lil’ Lady, brewed with PA wildflower honey, jasmine, and keeman tea
  • Undertow, a “black blueberry Saison” made with dark-roasted wheat malt and local blueberries. (Killer!)
  • ArtiSnale: A very black, very strong stout brewed with escargot shells
  • Mysterious Mood Wheat-based Saison brewed with clementine zest and juice, with 50% fermented in used wine barrels with a “brett” strain, and 50% in stainless steel with TH’s house Saison yeast.

By the time most of you are reading this, the tap list will likely be completely different. Fear not, however — every beer we tried was unique, interesting and delicious.

Tired Hands owner Jean Broillet IV, who is a brewer first and foremost, has gone out of his way to not call this a brewpub. (“We will not be frying up mozzarella sticks and plating double cheeseburgers,” he says.) Instead, Broillet has looked to create a showcase for his beer, with food in a clearly supporting role. All that said, the limited menu is excellent. Tired Hands sources all its cheeses and charcuterie from within 100 miles of the brewery, and makes bread in-house. On any given night, you’re likely to see funky cheese, spicy sausage, creative panini and a variety of wild pickles on the big board. In particular, we loved the Gooey Gobbler panino, a marvelous showcase of smoked, pulled turkey breast and house-made cherry-dijon mustard.

Even if you’re not into beer, Tired Hands is a fun, casual place to hang out, grab a light bite, and try some beers that will challenge your notions of what beer should taste like. (And if you’re still not convinced, they also offer wine by the glass from local standout Penns Woods). Go there often!

Tired Hands Brewing Company
16 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore
From 4pm daily

(image via Tired Hands on Facebook)