We visited Yellow Springs Farm on the weekend of May 21-22, 2011 for their Spring Open House. Conveniently located between Rts 29, 401 and 113, Yellow Springs is a small goat farm that specializes in artisan cheeses and local fauna. The open house gave us an opportunity to wander around the farm, say hello to the friendly goats and browse Yellow Springs’ collection of locally-grown plants.

More importantly, we were able to sample some of the homemade cheese. Made mostly for their CSA (which is sold out for 2011), Yellow Springs available cheeses vary seasonally, and include a wide variety of styles such as fresh chevre and “Goat-za-rella” (a goat-based mozzerella), bloomy rind cheeses, and aged goat cheeses. The featured cheese on our visit was called “Bliss”, a bloomy rind cheese that was described as sort of like Brie. On the farm, it was smooth, fresh & balanced, featuring a mild earthiness and traditional goaty flavors. It wasn’t as gooey as Brie in the center; it had more of a firm, chalky (in a good way) texture, but we were told it would become more runny over 2-4 weeks in the fridge. Though we couldn’t hold off for that long, it did take on a noticeably more funky flavor notes (again, in a good way) as it kept for the week or so that we held off finishing it.

Though the CSA is sold out for this year, cheese can be ordered through YSF’s website and picked up at the farm. Check back for different types of cheese. They also offer cheese platters, goat milk caramel sauce, wildflower honey and more. They also sell cheese at the Collegeville, Anselma and Great Valley Farmers Markets.

In addition to cheese, YSF’s nursery features a nice selection of local fauna, including fruit plants and trees (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry), herbs, and other plants sure to thrive in your garden. They also offer landscape design services.

To tour the farm, buy some cheese, or browse their selection of plants, contact the farm for an appointment or visit during a regular open house.

Originally posted 6/12/11