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As great as it is to taste delicious artisinal chocolate, or a pure, well-made extra virgin olive oil, those types of items rarely break, well, new ground. There’s something truly exciting then, as a virtual explorer of the food world, when one finds a product that is actually unique. That offers something I haven’t tasted before. New Grounds Mocha Latte CoffeeBar is one of those products.

Created by two Northeastern University students who didn’t have time for breakfast or coffee before their first class at 8am (who can’t empathize with that?), the CoffeeBar combines an energy bar with a full cup of fair trade coffee. More importantly, it’s delicious.

I want to say these bars are similar in texture to Clif Bars, but as I don’t eat Clif Bars regularly, I can’t be sure of that statement. Perhaps it’s better to call it a cross between a breakfast bar (think Nutri-Grain) and a granola bar. Soft and chewy, with texture provided by plenty of whole grains, nuts and seeds.


There’s a definite flavor complexity here, enhanced by the fact that the CoffeeBar isn’t overly sweet like so many commercial energy and granola bars. Nuances of cocoa, cinnamon and almond bolster each other, and there’s most definitely a rich, deep coffee component on the finish.

If you’re skeptical about the caffeine content, I’ll put out this word of warning. Though I typically only have a shot of espresso or black tea in the afternoon, one of these bars sent me buzzing more so than my average sip. I didn’t try it as a breakfast replacement, but it seems up to the task.

CoffeeBar can be ordered online via New Grounds Food’s website. It’s available in sample packs of 2, boxes of 12, or longer-term subscriptions.

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