I presented on 3 (!) separate topics (file under: it seemed like a good idea at the time) at the December 2017 Wine2Wine conference in Verona, Italy.

Here are the topics, as well as links to more information where relevant.

1. Wine Apps

This session will give an overview of popular wine apps including Vivino, Delectable, Cellar Tracker and Wine-Searcher. We’ll discuss who the audience is for each app, and how to best use them as a producer.


  1. Key wine apps to know;
  2. Use cases for each app;
  3. How to make sure your wines are listed.

Full video of session (actually it’s only the first 7 minutes):


2. Wine Bloggers

This session will discuss the state of wine blogging: How is the industry evolving, and what do wineries need to know? Are bloggers still an important audience to attract? How can wineries target the right bloggers for their business?


  1. An understanding of how the blog industry is evolving;
  2. How to decide which blogs are most relevant to your brand;
  3. A list of top bloggers and vloggers.

Full video of presentation:

3. Selling Wine in Pennsylvania

This session will give an overview of the unique sales environment of Pennsylvania, one of two US states (also Utah) where the government controls wine sales, and the largest single buyer of wine in the USA.


  1. An overview of the different wine departments within the PLCB (Regular, Chairman’s Selection, Luxury, SLO);
  2. An understanding of how the Special Liquor Order (SLO) program works;
  3. A list of PLCB contacts, as well as some importers and distributors that can help you get started.

Full video of presentation (Sorry some of it is sideways!):

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