Though I spend a fair amount of time in the Charleston, SC area, I have yet to make the trip to Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, a semi-famous local eatery known for its whimsical hot dog creations. In researching this piece, I even discovered they were featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” (selected by Alton Brown).

Despite my failures in visitation, I have had the pleasure of eating through several jars of Jack’s famous Sweet Potato Mustard, a deliciously unique concoction made with real sweet potatoes and molasses. It’s a wonderfully balanced mustard: sweet, tangy, spicy – all the elements a great condiment needs. The ratio of sugar to spice to vinegar is nearly perfect.

Though of course at its very best on a hot dog – Jack’s signature ‘Cosmic Dog‘ pairs it with blue cheese slaw – this mustard is incredibly versatile, perking up just about any sandwich, from cold cuts to burgers, as well as other classics like pretzels and anything pork. I’ve even used it, on its own, as a salad dressing – that’s how balanced and zesty it is!

You can buy it from Jack’s website or at Food from the Southern Soul.