I’ve recently begun teaching at a wine education studio in Bryn Mawr, PA (Philly suburbs) called What Am I Drinking?! I love the laid-back, snobbery free climate that owner Serena Zelezny has created here. It’s about having a casual, fun night first, with geeky details second, but I also believe that once our guests are having a good time, they’re more open to learning a few tidbits along the way.

    We paused for COVID, but hope to be back soon

Hope to see any locals at an upcoming class!

Also, here’s what some former class guests have had to say about What Am I Drinking?!:

“We had so much fun learning about the various types of wines… The atmosphere was casual and open allowing for exploration without fear of ‘getting it wrong.’ Great for all levels!” (Facebook Review)

“I love that I walked into a room filled with smiles and warmth… [WAID’s] rule of having a no judgment zone was very unique. Sometimes I go to events and the environment are snooty but not this class. Everybody could say whatever they wanted about the wine without getting judged.” (Facebook Review)

“Always a fun night with the bonus of learning something new and helpful. In all classes participants have been fun and interesting to chat with. The price is a bargain for the evening! Can not wait to go back!” (Yelp Review)

“WOW! Not only did we learn a ton about wine (one of our favorite things,) but we also had a great time… [WAID] made what can be seen as a stuffy topic super-approachable.” (Yelp Review)